ICE CREAMS AND MILKSHAKES Why not try one of our d’licious Yorvale Ice Creams or one of our very popular Milk Shakes Ice Cream:

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Single Scoop Double Scoop Eat in the Tea Room £2.35 £2.95 Take out £1.95 £2.60

Milkshakes Our milkshakes are made with two scoops of Yorvale Ice Cream, blended together with fresh milk and syrup flavouring served in a tall glass with a straw. These are available with any of the ice cream flavours. £3.50 However, if you want to really be indulgent, add a fresh cream topping for an extra £0.40p Coke Float A Coke Float is served in a tall glass with a scoop of Ice Cream of your choice floated on top of a fresh Coca Cola, either full or diet. £2.95 TEAS English Breakfast Tea A traditional blend of Assam and Sumatran tea, which has a good body and full flavour to produce the perfect cup of English Breakfast tea which can be enjoyed at any time of day. Can be taken with or without milk. Suggested brewing time: 3-5mins £2.25 Earl Grey Origin: Sri Lanka. This luxury black tea is produced from cornflower petals and natural bergamot oil which makes its refreshing taste and aroma intriguing. It is named after the 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime minister in the 1830’s and is now the most popular blend of tea in the world. Can be taken with or without milk. Suggested brewing time: 3-5mins £2.55 Darjeeling Origin: Single Estate Darjeeling Tea (India). Darjeeling is known as the ‘champagne’ of tea. This leaf produces a full bodied strong tea and will provide two infusions of the most delightful refreshing mid amber colour tea. Can be taken with or without milk. Suggested brewing time: 3-5mins £2.55 Temple of Heaven Gunpowder (Green Tea) Origin: China. This green tea is rolled into tight small balls resembling gun pallets from which it derived its name. As it steeps, the leaf unrolls into a wonderful green mass that produces a light and refreshing cup of tea with a hint of smokiness which is very popular with our male customers. Usually drunk without milk. Suggested brewing time: 1-3mins £2.55 Peppermint (Caffeine Free) Origin: Croatia. Sometimes regarded as the ‘world's first medicine’ it dates back more than 10 thousand years. There are claims that it helps reduce an upset stomach and aids digestion. This particular tea comes from an ancient variety treasured for its intense menthol smell and taste. Usually drunk without milk. Suggested brewing time: 5mins+ £2.55 Chamomile (Caffeine Free) Chamomile, used since the Neolithic Age, is often drunk as a sleeping aid but can be enjoyed any time. This is the highest quality chamomile available because the small evenly distributed flowers have been sorted by hand to ensure only the finest blossoms are used. It makes the most beautiful intense yellow infusion and has an equally pleasing scent and flavour. Usually drunk without milk. Suggested brewing time: 5mins+ £2.55 Rhubarb Cream Tea Rhubarb and cream contains luxury black tea, safflower and sunflower petals, jasmine petals, blackberry and lime leaves which produces an exquisite flavour, celebrating our Yorkshire heritage of rhubarb growing excellence. Tart and sweet – a lovely togetherness in one cup of tea! Can be taken with or without milk. Suggested brewing time 3-5mins £2.55 Rose Tea Rose tea is made from the buds, petals, and hips of the rose plant. It is a favourable flower tea that can be enjoyed either hot or cold by itself or along with many other ingredients. The tea is a good source for antioxidants and other nutrients, such as vitamins A and C and citric acid. Suggested brewing time 3-5mins £2.55 COFFEES ESPRESSO A single shot of our perfectly extracted espresso blend. £2.45 LONG BLACK A double shot of espresso extracted over hot water… often called the “Americano”. £2.55 with hot or cold milk £2.75 FLAT WHITE A beautiful alternative for those that don’t like to drown their coffee in milk. Reg £2.85 A slightly stronger taste, served in a cup with just a little foam. (3 Shot)Large £3.00 CAFFE LATTE A single shot of espresso topped with a rich creamy milk and just a little foam. Reg £2.70 Large with 2 shots of espresso. Large £295 CAPPUCCINO A single shot of espresso topped with equal parts of milk and foam £2.85 Large with 2 shots of espresso. £3.05 Served the traditional way – without chocolate. MOCHA A subtle mix of Coffee and Chocolate topped with equal parts of milk and foam. £3.35 Extra shot of espresso. £0.30 Assorted syrups available. Per shot £0.60 Please ask staff for details of flavours available. HOT CHOCOLATES A rich creamy chocolate..... for those with a sweeter tooth – this is divine! Rich chocolate whisked with hot milk and topped with a Reg £2.65 fine dusting of cocoa power...... Large £2.95 with freshly whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate flakes. Reg £3.05 Large £3.35 COLD DRINKS Fresh Apple/Orange Juice Reg £1.65 Child £1.10 Glass Cold Milk Reg £1.50 Child £1.05 Elderflower Cordial £1.35 Fentiman's Rose Lemonade (bottled) £2.25 Fentiman's Traditional Victorian Lemonade (bottled) £2.25 Fentiman's Ginger Beer (bottled) £2.25 Bottled Water: Still or Slightly Sparkling £2.25 Coca-Cola and Diet Coca-Cola £1.95 SANDWICHES All of our sandwiches are made to order and are served on a choice of white, brown or granary bread. Ham With a light garnish of salad, chutney or mustard optional. £5.40 Roast Beef Tender sliced beef with either a spread of horseradish sauce or mustard. £5.40 Prawn With a light garnish of shredded lettuce and marie rose sauce. £6.40 Egg Mayonnaise and Cress Made with free range eggs. £4.75 Cheddar Cheese and Chutney Mature cheddar cheese served with a caramelised onion chutney. £5.10 Brie and Grape A delicious combination of the creamy cheese and sweet grape. £5.40 Cucumber Sandwich Light and refreshing. £3.60 Strawberry Jam Keeping it simple. Popular choice for our younger guests. £3.25 Vintage Afternoon Tea Served between 11:00 and 16:00 A delightful indulgence including a sandwich of your choice, plain or fruit scone with jam and cream, a medley of cakes, and a pot of Breakfast Tea. One £13.75 For Two £24.50 A Selection of Homemade Cakes, Cupcakes, Biscuits and Pastries are available from the display. Please ask your waiting staff for a list of what is on offer. Prices range from: £0.85 - £3.55 LIGHT TREATS Porridge £3.25 Served with Honey or Golden Syrup Soft Boiled Eggs £4.25 Two eggs served with toasted buttered soldiers. Scrambled Eggs £4.25 Fluffy scrambled eggs with fresh cream, served on warm buttered toast Poached Eggs £4.25 Two soft centred eggs, poached, and served on warm buttered toast Beans on Toast £4.45 Heinz baked beans served on warm buttered toast. Cheese and Ham Melt £5.70 Served on a thick wedge of toast served with salad and chutney. Homemade Pate on Toast (Contains small amount of alcohol) £6.15 Served on either white, brown or granary toast with salad and chutney. Welsh Rarebit (Contains small amount of alcohol) £5.70 Served on either white, brown or granary toast with salad and chutney. Cinnamon Toast £2.95 A slice of toasted white bread lathered with butter and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. Warm Toast £2.15 Served with butter and Jam/ Marmalade/Marmite (love it or hate it!) Crumpets £2.95 Served warm with butter and strawberry Jam. Cheesy Crumpets £4.75 Served with chutney and salad Toasted Teacake Loaf £3.10 Served warm with butter. Scones Homemade fruit or plain Scones with butter and jam £2.60 With jam and freshly whipped cream £3.35 With jam, freshly whipped cream and a pot of Breakfast Tea £4.85 Homemade Cheese Scone with butter £2.95 Toasted Scone with butter £3.00 Homemade Fruit Cake £3.20 With a slice of Wensleydale cheese. £3.60 Please ask one of our staff about Daily Specials All of our menu items are sold subject to availability. ------------------------- If you wish to leave a gratuity, we ask that you please do so in cash. All money will be divided equally among the staff.



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